03 March 2010

Common installation errors (APEX & Oracle XE)

Recently I’ve installed new instance of APEX with Oracle XE on computer connected to corporation network. During this process I experienced a few problems with installation and APEX performance.

I was unable to complete installation of Oracle XE without turning network adapter off. There were no error messages, but after installation I was unable to enter database homepage (404 error) and login to database using SQL*Plus. You can solve this problem by unplugging network or turning off proxy. There must be some problem with proxy or DNS settings.

Another (this time quite common) problem is APEX performance just after new installation. If you feel, that your APEX runs pretty slow, you should probably change SHARED_SERVERS parameter in your database.
Just run SQL*Plus, connect as database administrator and write:


This way you can increase number of connections available for HTTP requests  that render your page.

If you use IE, then good idea (especially if APEX with Firefox works much faster) is to check HTTP 1.1 settings in Tools > Internet options > Advanced.

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antkrish said...

Hi Przemek,

We are having performance issues with IE, but Apex application runs fine with chrome. What settings needs to be done in IE - HTTP 1.1?