15 November 2009

APEX calendar and built-in strings translation

If you develop your APEX applications in language other than English, you have probably faced problem of translation some APEX built-in strings.

To translate things like month and day names in calendar or error messages like “X errors occurred” during validation process or “Invalid login credentials” after login, you should do two things.

To change calendar names and other texts referring to your system or browser language, go to Shared Components -> Edit Globalization Attributes. Change Application Primary Language to the one you use and set Application Language Derived From to "Use Application Primary Language" (unless you need other option).

To translate built-in strings, go to Shared Components -> Text Messages and create message with name associated with string you want to translate. If you want to translate login error message, name your message as “INVALID_CREDENTIALS” and write substitution string in your language.

More information about translation your applications and full list of message names to translate you can find in APEX documentation:

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